discover umami

Discover your  umami

Umami is the fifth and the least known flavor. Scientists have identified it relatively recently thus it is the most mysterious of all tastes. The restaurant Umami more than sushi invites our guests to participate in a sensory journey, where the authority of a palate.

Under the supervision of our Chef – Sang Min Park’s and qualified staff we would like to give you a chance to discover your umami.


The quintessence of culinary experiences are unusual flavors created by Chef – Sang Min Parka. Our menu has a variety of Asian flavors. We rely on the original ingredients of Japanese and Korean cuisine. We offer a wide selection of sushi and hot dishes. Varied range of wines from the Old Continent and the New World will make the experience even richer. A properly selected drink or cocktail will perfectly enhance the flavor of our dishes.


In Umami culinary experience will be enhanced through unique interiors inspired by Asian minimalism.

Each of us in his own way experience the taste. Some people need bustle of Tokyo street, others quiet and calm. In Umami we try to accept this diversity, which is why, in addition to traditional restaurant tables, we have created additional spaces that reflect the diversity of our human desires and needs.

Japanese Traditional Room (washitsu / Tatami) – a traditional Japanese room, which will allow you to taste the dish slowly and explore your umami.

Vip Room – a separate space that will allow for business meetings, workshops and training. Designed for people who value privacy.

Chillout Room – relax area, reserved for people who want to spend time among friends and family admiring the dishes prepared by our cook and exploring new tastes.

Bar – space for people who want to experience preparing sushi with their own eyes, who have the desire to chat with our sushi master – a person ready to fulfill each and every culinary fantasy.